Advantages of high-efficiency sodium lamp ECO

- Sep 24, 2019-

Advantages of high-efficiency sodium lamp ECO:

1 size is the same as ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp, suitable for ordinary sodium lamp dimming electronic ballast, there are three specifications:

130W / 220W / 360W, replacing ordinary high pressure sodium lamps 150W / 250W / 400W, suitable for large-scale renovation projects;

2 After replacement, the luminous flux is the same as the corresponding high-pressure sodium lamp of Philips SON-T, but the power reduction can reach up to 13%, and the energy saving effect is obvious, leading the sustainable development;

3Using Philips patented PIA integrated antenna technology to reduce system efficiency, but without sacrificing road brightness and visible bottom, thus ensuring road safety; solid getter technology, slow light decay, with a constant and excellent six maintenance rate, At the same time guarantee high reliability performance during the lifetime;

4 32,000 hours long life, ensuring reliable and safe road lighting.