Attention should be paid when installing and using Fishing Metal Halide Lamps

- Oct 22, 2020-

  Fishing Metal Halide Lamps is a new type of light source developed to improve light color on the basis of high pressure mercury lamp. It has good light color and high luminous efficiency. The commonly used sodium thorium indium lamp is one of them.

  The working principle of 400W sodium thlon lamp is as follows: after the power supply is turned on, the current passes through heater coil and bi-metal piece, which separates the thermal bending of bi-metal piece from the static contact, thus generating high-voltage pulse and igniting the lamp tube discharge. After ignition, the heat of discharge keeps bi-metal piece bent all the time, separated from the static contact, and the sodium thorium indium lamp enters a stable working state. 1000W sodium thorium indium lamp must be equipped with special trigger.

  Attention should be paid when installing and using the Fishing Metal Halide Lamps: the temperature of the outer glass shell of the lamp is relatively high, and heat dissipation should be considered when matching the lamp, and the lamp tube must be used together with the corresponding ballast. Metal halide lamp without outer glass shell should be equipped with glass cover because of strong ultraviolet radiation. If there is no glass cover, the hanging height of the lamp should not be less than 14 meters to prevent ultraviolet rays from burning eyes and skin.