Common maintenance methods

- Sep 28, 2018-

1. LED light is not bright

Confirmation circuit: The newly installed lamp should be measured with an electric pen to check whether there is voltage in the circuit. Drive problem: The light is not on, and the drive is a problem. If the lamp is not lit after turning on the light, you should purchase a new drive to replace it. Light-emitting diodes have high requirements on current and voltage, so they need to be used in constant-current drivers, rectifiers, and bucks in the driver.

2. LED light is dimmed

The problem is likely to come from the lamp beads. The beads on each string are connected in series, and the strings are connected in parallel with the strings. Therefore, burning a lamp bead will cause the string of lights to be off. From the appearance, the burnt lamp bead has a black dot that cannot be wiped off in the middle. If there are not many lamps burned, the two soldering feet behind the burnt lamp beads can be soldered together with a soldering iron. If too much, you need to buy a new lamp bead.


The string of the line: the cooperation of the lamp and the power supply, the lamp bead has high power and low power, the high power is mostly LED spotlights and ceiling lights, and the horizontally inserted streetlights. Of course, now there are bulbs and downlights. Basically, all are within 30W, 3.2-3.4V single voltage is normal, current 320MA is calculated by 15W ceiling light, and the power output is 15 series current 300-320MA 15 string voltage is also 48-51V. One of the series is not lit and not lit. This is one reason why LED luminaires are now biased towards low power lamp beads. Besides, the small power lamp beads are mostly fluorescent lamps, soft lamps, hard light bars, bulb lamps, downlights and the like, and are compatible with each other. Take fluorescent lamps and light bars as an example. The power supply of fluorescent lamps is divided into isolated power supply and non-isolated. Most of the domestic non-isolated to reduce the cost. The 18W LED fluorescent lamp uses 2835 lamp beads 0.2W 96 to calculate, with 24 strings 4 is not Isolated power supply, lamp single voltage 3.2-3.4V current 60MA power output is 74-81V current 230-240MA, one light in each string is not bright 24 is not bright, seriously affecting other bright lights, light bars The same is true, the constant pressure is all 3 strings, one is not bright and three are not bright.

3. LED light flashes

Check if the neutral and fire lines are reversed. First look at the line color at the switch is not red, if not, it is necessary to consider the switch may control the zero line, and replace it in time. Observe the flashing lights. If multiple lights in the room are flashing and belong to the same circuit, it is necessary to consider the neutral and fire lines in the distribution box. Be sure to mark the adjustments for future maintenance. It may be that the lamp produces a self-inductive current. This situation can be replaced by an incandescent lamp, or a 220V relay can be purchased to connect the relay coil to the circuit to absorb the induced current.