Design theory of LED flat light

- Jan 09, 2018-

LED has broken the traditional light source design methods and ideas, at present there are two new design concepts.

1. Scene Lighting: The scene lighting was presented in 2008 to design lamps and lanterns with the requirement of environment. Scene lighting to place as the starting point, designed to create a beautiful, gorgeous lighting environment, to foil the scene effect, make people feel a scene atmosphere.

2. Emotional lighting: It is the emotional lighting proposed in 2009 to design lamps and lanterns with human needs. Emotional lighting is the starting point of human emotion, from the perspective of people to create a mood-like lighting environment. The mood lighting is different from the scene illumination, emotional lighting is dynamic, can meet people's spiritual needs of the lighting, people feel the mood, and the scene lighting is static, it can only emphasize the demand of scene illumination, and can not express people's emotions, in a sense, emotional lighting covers scene lighting. Emotional lighting contains four aspects: first, environmental protection and energy conservation, the second is health, the third is intelligent, four is humanization.