Features of intelligent LED sports lighting system

- Dec 14, 2020-

1. The multi-functional lighting system is flexible and changeable, leading the era and meeting the needs of the future. LED venue lighting system combines intelligent interconnected lighting control and remote monitoring to reduce costs and expenses. The same site has various functions, it can be used to hold various activities to achieve more revenue models. Lighting, Entertainment and audio system are integrated into one, allowing the audience to fully integrate into it.

2. Create a unique lighting technology for stadium lighting to avoid glare, and meet the strict requirements of slow motion lens playback of high-definition cameras. Outstanding color rendering and color temperature, combined with uniform and consistent lighting effects, make sure that the athletes in the field have a clear vision.

3. The Interior and surrounding areas of the venue are brightly lit to improve safety and increase the flow of people. The seats, restaurants, souvenir shops and exit instructions are clearer. Fans, athletes and staff can obtain higher safety and comfort, enhance the reputation of the stadium, improve the audience experience to create amazing lighting effects, and cooperate with sound effect music to make every game, every performance is full of surprises.