Fishing Metal Halide Lamps has two categories: European standard and American Standard. The main difference between them is that the liner filler is different.

- Oct 22, 2020-

  European standard Metal Halide Lamps is filled with sodium, thorium, indium and other rare earth elements, which is called Rare Earth series Metal-halide lamp.

  Due to the difference of the filler used by the two, their light emission differs greatly. The luminous flux of American standard is high, while the color rendering of European standard is good, so we can choose different application occasions according to the two lamp characteristics. These are two typical series in metal-halide lamp today. Sodium scandium series lamps are widely used in our country and are also the so-called American Standard series lamps. Sodium thorium indium series lamps are widely used in Europe, namely the so-called European standard lamps.

  Introduction to European standard metal-halide lamp

1.4000-4500K color temperature

2. Color rendering index, Ra65-70

3. High light efficiency, long service life and reliable performance

5. Applicable to floodlight lighting, outdoor advertising boards, stadium lighting, etc.

  American Standard metal-halide lamp 1. It needs to be used with CWA ballast, without trigger, and has strong resistance to voltage fluctuation

2. Long service life, up to 20000 hours

3. High light efficiency and no ignition location limit

4. Applicable to outdoor floodlights, billboards, industrial lighting, stadiums, golf courses, etc.