Has LED really entered a period of prosperity?

- Aug 20, 2020-

I personally think that this is just a period of chaos with unknown directions.

In the long history of mankind, there has never been any lighting equipment like LED that has not yet matured high expectations, but the slow development has also made the LED products over-conceptualized and lacked a customer base. Even now the government is trying to support the growth of LEDs with LED street lights as a breakthrough, but the customer base of LEDs, whether for civilian or commercial use, has not yet formed. At this time there is a dangerous signal: LED manufacturers have taken cost reduction as an important task! Many companies increase the LED current to reduce the number of wicks while maintaining the same brightness to save costs, or reduce the PCB area, or reduce the safety devices, etc. Of course, everyone must believe that Chinese companies are innate in reducing costs. Advantage. Leaving aside the impact of doing so on product safety issues, as far as the industry is concerned, LED has entered a price shuffling situation before there is a market. This is not good for the entire industry. The entry of capital will be Exacerbate the decline of SMEs.

This is a dangerous situation. The technological development of the introduction of LEDs will be stagnant or even degraded, the conversion cost will be compressed, or too much attention to cost will not guarantee the characteristics of the final product, and the advantages of LEDs will not be displayed on a large scale. So I dared to think that the direction of LED industry development at this time was wrong.