How to Choose Self-ballasted LED lamp products

- Dec 14, 2020-

Priority is given to Self-ballasted LED light products with safety certifications to ensure that the products have no potential safety hazards.

1. If you go to a regular store and buy regular goods, you need formal invoices. If you don't buy products that are too cheap, you can buy products that have the promise of "three guarantees". Since the category of self-imposed LED lights is mandatory for China's energy efficiency labeling, pay attention to whether there is an energy efficiency label when purchasing.

2. Check the product nameplate mark and confirm whether the information such as "trademark or manufacturer", "rated voltage/frequency" and "rated power" are complete; Carefully read the product instruction manual; preliminary press to confirm whether the mechanical structure of the product is reliable; Check whether the product model is consistent with the model specifications of the test report and safety certification certificate, and whether the electrical parameters are correctly identified.