How to deal with the waterproof problem of led street lights?

- Mar 10, 2021-

1. Rainproof problem of LED street lamp

The main phenomenon is that the charge and discharge controller is subject to leaching and damp, causing the circuit board to short circuit, burn out the control device (triode), and seriously cause the circuit board to be corroded and deteriorated and cannot be repaired. There are two main ways to enter the water: one is to follow the solar cell assembly and the light source lead from the reserved hole at the top of the lamp pole; in addition, the high temperature in the warehouse causes the humidity in the warehouse to be very high, resulting in damage to the controller. Therefore, do a good job of rainproof to avoid moisture and damage to the controller, also can not be ignored.

2. The LED street lamp is easy to install: when the street lamp is installed, there is no need to lay complicated lines, just make a cement base and then fix it with stainless steel screws. Comparison 2: The electricity cost of mains lighting lamps and lanterns is high: there is a fixed and high electricity bill in the work of the LED street lamp factory. It is necessary to maintain or replace the line and other configurations continuously for a long time, and the maintenance cost is increasing year by year.

3.LED lighting lamps free of electricity: solar lighting lamps are one-time investment, without any maintenance costs, three years can recover the investment cost, long-term benefit. Comparison 3: City electric lighting lamps have potential safety hazards: urban electric lighting lamps bring many safety hazards due to construction quality, landscape engineering transformation, material aging, abnormal power supply, and conflicts between water and electricity pipelines.