How to use and maintain high-pressure sodium lamps?

- Jul 06, 2020-

The high-pressure sodium lamp uses high-pressure sodium vapor discharge to light the lamp, and the wavelength of its radiated light is concentrated in the range where the human eye feels more sensitive. This kind of light has high efficiency, large brightness, small size, long life, good fog permeability and low ultraviolet radiation, so it is widely used in large and large workshops, stations, squares, stadiums and other places. Pay attention to the following items when using and maintaining high-pressure sodium lamps:

(1) Specially designed supporting lamps should be used, and the requirements in the following two aspects: First, the temperature of the glass lamp shell is very high, the lamp must have good heat dissipation performance; Second, the discharge tube of the high-pressure sodium lamp is translucent, The reflected light of the lamp should not pass through the discharge tube. Otherwise, the temperature of the discharge tube rises due to heat absorption, destroying the seal, affecting the volume, and the lamp is also easy to self-extinguish.

(2) The fluctuation of the power supply voltage should not be greater than ±5%, because the tube pressure, power and luminous flux of the high-pressure sodium lamp change with the change of the power supply voltage, which is larger than other gas discharge lamps. When the power supply voltage increases, due to the increase in tube voltage drop, it is easy to cause the lamp to self-extinguish; when the power supply voltage decreases, the luminous flux will decrease and the light color will become worse.

(3) The high-pressure sodium lamp can be ignited at any position, and the photoelectric parameters are basically unchanged.

(4) Ballasts of corresponding specifications must be used. Otherwise, starting is difficult and the life of the lamp is shortened.

(5) Due to the long restart time of the sodium lamp, it cannot be used in places requiring rapid ignition.