Is the clean room lamp with LED beveled cleaning lamps or straight edge purifying lamps? What are the advantages of the bevel purification lamp?

- Jan 14, 2019-

LED purification lamps are usually called LED clean lamps. They can be divided into many types according to their applications, such as straight edge purification lamps, oblique side purification lamps, and integrated ceiling purification lamps.

What are the differences between so many types of purification lamps? Is the clean room lamp cleaned with a beveled edge or is it a straight edge purifying lamp?

The first thing to understand is that the clean room is a sealed indoor space, and the clean room lights must use clean lamps that meet the standards.

The clean room LED light is best to use the beveled edge purification lamp, and the clean room lamp uses the beveled edge to cause the purification lamp to have the following advantages.

In order to maintain the cleanliness and cleanliness of the clean room, there is an internal air circulation system inside the clean room.

The bevel purifying lamp is used as a clean room lamp, which can blow the tiny dust entering the clean room into the clean room when the air circulates, thereby ensuring the clean room is clean.

The beveled design of the purifying lamp also ensures the flow of clean indoor air while reducing the possibility of bacterial growth and reproduction.

If the straight edge purifying lamp is used as a clean room LED lamp, the straight edge and the edge are tightly clamped, which may cause the air to not flow normally, and it is easy to accumulate dust and affect the cleanliness of the clean room.

Therefore, it is better to use LED beveled clean lamps that are more conducive to cleanliness.