LED flat panel purifiers always flash frequently how is it going?

- Dec 10, 2018-

In general, if the purge lamp often appears to be flashing, there may be several reasons.

1: If the LED flat panel purifying lamp flashes frequently, it may be caused by overheating of the chip of the LED purifying lamp.

The chip for LED purification flat panel driving power supply has the maximum working temperature limit. If the weather is too hot, close to the heat source, the heat dissipation is not smooth, or the power supply is aging damaged, the driving power supply of the LED cleaning lamp is overheated, exceeding the working temperature of the power chip. This will cause the purifying lamp drive power to automatically enter the protection state, so the LED flat panel purifying lamp will flash frequently.

2: If the LED purifying lamp appears to be blinking, it may be caused by poor or damaged capacitors of the purifying lamp driving power supply, thereby causing the flashing phenomenon of the purifying lamp.

Some customers may be cheap when buying a purifying lamp, and bought a poor quality LED purifying lamp and LED clean lamp produced by a small manufacturer.

In order to reduce the cost and obtain the maximum benefit, such low-cost purifying lamps generally “cut corners” and use inferior or defective LED purification lamps to drive the power. It is necessary to know that the poor quality of the purifying lamp driving power supply can be more than 20 yuan cheaper than the quality of the purifying lamp.

3: The input voltage of the LED flat panel purifying lamp is too small, which may also cause the purifying lamp to flash frequently.

The user's home voltage is generally 220V. If it is too low, or the voltage is unstable, it may cause the purifying lamp to flicker.

Therefore, you should first check whether there is a problem with the input voltage of the mains grid. If not, check whether it is the problem of the LED purifying lamp (cleaning lamp) itself.

If the above methods are used and the cause of the flashing of the flat purifying lamp has not been found, it may be that the LED strip or the line of the flat purifying lamp has a problem.

At this time, the flat cleaning lamp should be handed over to a professional technician to analyze the specific reasons. Of course, during the warranty period, it is possible to return the LED clean lamp manufacturer for return or repair.