LED flood light is broken, not lit, what should I do if it flashes?

- Mar 25, 2020-

LED flood light is broken, mainly the light source and driver, the most important is that the light source and power supply are not good enough to cause problems. If there is a tool to detect it, you will know which one is broken. Here are the general reasons why the LED flood light does not light:

1. The power supply is broken, no power: The majority of the power sources of the flood lights are broken, and the power supply provides a stable working voltage for the light source.

2. The light source is broken and does not light up: see if there is a black spot in the sealing position of the lamp bead. This black spot is caused by two reasons. For the first long time use, the lamp bead temperature passes through the glue and the phosphor. Another reason is that the current of the power supply is too high (this is because the power supply is unstable and the quality of the light source may be poor). It may be caused by the open circuit or necrosis of the lamp beads.

3. The solder joints of the wires are not welded, which leads to no power: the integrated lamp beads in the flood light are connected to two wires. Are there any solder joints of the lamp beads that are not welded, fake soldered, cold soldered, and whether the power input wires have loose connection points, open circuits, etc Check if the drive connection cable is damaged.

4. Water into the floodlight: This is because the waterproof treatment is not done well. Such a consequence may cause the light source and the power supply to burn. This is basically not saved. You can change the light source and power supply if you know it better. You can contact the manufacturer after sales, the main reason is that the quality is not enough.