Metal halide lamp What are the advantages?

- Feb 09, 2018-

Metal halide lamp is an AC power supply, arc discharge discharge lamp in the mixed vapor of mercury and rare metal halide, metal halide lamp is made of high-pressure mercury lamp based on the addition of various metal halide third On behalf of the light source. Lighting uses sodium metal scandium halide lamp, metal halide lamp with high luminous efficiency, good color rendering properties, long life and other characteristics, is close to daylight color energy-saving new light source, widely used in stadiums, exhibition centers, shopping malls , Industrial plants, street squares, railway stations, docks and other places of indoor lighting.


The biggest advantage of metal halide lamps is particularly high luminous efficiency, luminous efficiency up to 80 ~ 120Lm / W. As the metal halide lamp spectrum is in the continuous spectrum based on the superposition of a dense linear spectrum, so the color index is particularly high, that is particularly good color reproduction, Ra up to 90. In addition, the metal halide lamp color temperature is high, up to 5000 ~ 6000K, dedicated projector lamp up to 7000 ~ 20000K. Under the same brightness conditions, the higher the color temperature, the brighter the human eye feels. Due to the limitation of material and technology, the current domestic life of metal halide lamp is 8000 hours.