Precautions for selecting led purification lamps

- Dec 10, 2018-

Led purification lamp is a custom lamp for dust-free clean room. Because the manufacturing process is higher, the price is higher than that of ordinary LED lamps.

At the same time, it affects the price of clean led lamps, and different manufacturers use different materials to produce different quality led purification lamps.

Many LED purification lamp manufacturers often shoddy and use some inferior materials to make clean led purification lamps. The most common is to use inferior LED lamp beads.

Clean led purification lamp with inferior led lamp bead, although the appearance is not big, and the price is cheap, after two or three months of use, the clean led purification lamp will lead to clean led purification due to the aging of low quality LED lamp bead. The light quickly decays, so that the led purification lamp turns yellow and the brightness is reduced.

And the replacement of the purification lamp, the cost is terrible, the purchase of low-cost inferior clean led purification lamp is often not worth the loss!

The price of the led purification lamp is too low, the quality is not qualified, the product is shoddy, the specification parameters are virtual standard, and the low-cost and low-quality clean led lamp products often have many problems, and even the clean led lamp leaks, short circuit, electric shock, Corrosive and other terrible accidents that endanger personal safety.

Therefore, if it is a hospital operating room, purification workshop, sanatorium, laboratory and other places where high requirements for clean lighting, do not use inferior low-end clean led purification lamps.