Precautions for using light-emitting diodes

- Feb 03, 2021-

Light-emitting diodes are widely used in various home appliances, electronic watches, electronic calendars, electronic gifts, digital, communications, automotive electronics, lighting, electronic toys, etc. There are some precautions for using light-emitting diodes.

1. In order to prevent excessive current, resistance protection should be used to avoid large current changes caused by slight voltage transfer.

2. Do not open the product moisture-proof bag before the product is ready for use.

3. Before opening, LED should be in the temperature below 30 ℃, as well as in the environment below 60% humidity, so as to extend the shelf life.

4. If the packaging bag has been opened, LED needs to be stored at 30 ℃/40% humidity conditions, and used within 7 days.

5. If the light emitting diodes exceeds the storage time of the drying process should adopt the following conditions, drying process: 60±5 ℃ for 12 hours.