Structural materials for high pressure sodium lamps

- Jan 09, 2018-

Arc Tube: Arc tube is the key component of high pressure sodium lamp

Wick: The metal bracket is used to fasten the arc tube and the getter ring to the core column, and the electrodes of the arc tube are connected with two inner guide wires of the core column respectively.

Glass Shell: Shell is the choice of high temperature hard materials

Lamp holder: The light bulb is convenient to connect with the lamp holder and the circuit.

Getter: After vacuum in the glass shell, can still make metal parts oxidation, affect the stability of the bulb work; so in the glass shell to place a moderate amount of getter, the bulb can increase the vacuum degree to high vacuum state

Ballast: In the working circuit of high pressure sodium lamp, the ballast which is used in matching with the bulb has inductance type ballast and electronic ballast.

Circuit system: In the high-pressure sodium lamp work circuit in addition to the bulb, must also be triggered by the internal high pressure sodium lamp or external trigger high-pressure sodium lamp, respectively, select the corresponding work circuit