The advantages of LED viewing lamps relative to ordinary viewing lamps;

- Sep 20, 2018-

It adopts the most advanced LED solid-state lighting technology and advanced backlight technology; its light intensity distribution is uniform, no dark area, no stroboscopic, stable color temperature, making the screen brighter and softer. LED viewing light greatly enhances medical image The quality of the photo viewing device is of great value in ensuring the quality of medical imaging diagnosis.

1, LED viewing light uses the latest technology LED solid-state lighting source, the working voltage of the light source is a safe voltage of 24 VDC, and the safety, stability and reliability are improved.

2, more uniform, multi-film observation lamp without any dark areas, the uniformity of light intensity can reach more than 80%, the uniformity of other viewing light is only 70%.

3, thinner, LED viewing light thickness can be less than 23mm. CCFL liquid crystal viewing light thickness is 25mm.

4, brighter, the highest brightness can reach 4000cd / m2 or more, the traditional fluorescent lamp or CCFL liquid crystal viewing lamp has a maximum brightness of only 1200cd / m2. LED viewing light greatly improves the quality of medical imaging diagnosis.

5, the color temperature is more stable, avoiding the yellowing phenomenon caused by the easy color decay of the traditional fluorescent lamp or CCFL viewing liquid crystal lamp tube.

6, longer life, LED light source life of 50,000 hours, about three times the CCFL liquid crystal viewing light, five to ten times the ordinary fluorescent tube viewing light.

7, more environmentally friendly, with mercury-free environmental characteristics.

8, fully in line with the national standard "General technical conditions for medical imaging photos", the key indicators can be higher than the standard. The brightness indicators of fluorescent lamps or CCFL liquid crystal viewing lamps cannot meet the standard requirements.

9, the brightness is stable, no stroboscopic, greatly reducing visual fatigue.

10, there is no need to start preheating, and CCFL liquid crystal viewing lamps and ordinary viewing lamps need a hot start.

11, LED medical viewing light compared with traditional viewing lights, due to the use of intelligent technology, added a lot of new features.