The difference between mercury lamp and LED lamp of UV machine

- Apr 09, 2020-

Comparison 1: Difference in heating method

The light emitted by the LED lamp is not infrared heating and has no effect on the printed medium. Does not affect those media that are easily deformed by heat. Mercury lamps emit light with high heat, which not only excites ultraviolet rays, but also infrared emission, which easily deforms the medium.

Comparison two: service life

LED lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, reducing costs. LED-UV lamps have a long life and save at least 50% of energy compared to UV mercury lamps. Led lamps can be up to 4000 hours, while mercury lamps are only about 1000 hours.

Comparison 3: stability

The LED lamp does not contain any moving mechanical parts, so it is more stable and reliable. It makes it more stable in actual printing, makes the output energy predictable and stable, and avoids the problems caused by the instability of traditional uv mercury lamps.

Comparison 4: Environmental protection

The LED lamp has no UVC rays, no ozone emission, and is not easy to break. Both for the operator and the environment, they are particularly safe and environmentally friendly. A hidden danger of mercury in the mercury lamp, once leaked, will not only cause great damage to the surrounding environment, but also a great threat to the health of the operator.