The reason why flood lights are so popular is because they have four advantages.

- Jan 07, 2020-

Advantage 1: irradiation angle adjustment

The spotlight is actually a spotlight, so its irradiation angle can be adjusted, so its use is easier to align, and general spotlights will have an angle-adjustable scale plate, so that you can follow the instructions of the scale plate Make adjustments more precisely.

Advantage 2: a wide range of applications

Compared with other lighting fixtures, the size of the flood light is very small, so it can meet the needs of a wider range of installation sites, and it is not prone to damage during use, and it will not be too long due to the long use time. Fever, naturally, is relatively long.


Advantage 3: No controller

Compared with other lighting fixtures, floodlights can be used without controllers, and can also achieve a variety of special lighting effects during use, such as the change of lights, the change of light colors, the jump of lights, and lights. Flashing, etc. This is an advanced dynamic lighting decoration effect that cannot be achieved by ordinary lamps.

Advantage 4: Good lighting effect

Because it is actually a spotlight, with the function of spotlighting, the lighting effect of the floodlight is very good, the color of the light is very bright, and the purity of the color is very high. Gorgeous, but its light is not dazzling at all. On the contrary, it is very very soft, which is very suitable for local lighting decoration. It is also a very energy-saving lighting fixture. It is very power-saving during use because Its power usage is not high.