There are eight points for using mercury lamps, which is so important!

- Apr 09, 2020-

1. Pick-up operation: Lightly handle the light box and lamps, do not touch the front glass of the lamp, electrode leads, wick and lamp reflector, use the original packaging when transporting, to prevent impact and strong vibration;

2. Check the environment. The operating environment of the machine: temperature (10-35 ℃), humidity (<75%), the temperature of the lamp is too high, the automatic protection will be interrupted, and the screen will be lowered, and the humidity will be too large. Affect circuit stability;

3. Occasionally the lamp fails to light up. Do not repeat the operation immediately. If the lamp is cold, turn on the lamp after 10 seconds interval. If it is hot, it is recommended to wait more than 2 minutes before turning on the lamp

4 Do not turn off the light or power off within one minute after turning on the light, because tungsten and mercury evaporate immediately after lighting. If you turn off the light or turn off the power immediately, it will affect the recovery of mercury and form blackening on the glass bulb, affecting the brightness and life

5. Reduce the number of switches as much as possible. It is recommended not to turn off the lights when the screening interval is less than 10 minutes, or place it at low power;

6. During maintenance, first turn off the power, disassemble the lamps and clean them, and then turn on to check the running time and the stability of the lamps. If you find that the flickering is serious or the placement is reached, please change the lamp in time;

7. If you encounter a single lamp failure during lamp replacement, you can adjust the headlight power appropriately to ensure the picture quality and prepare for lamp replacement

8. End-of-life old lamps need to be properly recycled because the bulb contains mercury (mercury). To avoid environmental pollution, please contact a qualified recycler for proper disposal.