Usage of metal halide lamps in public places

- Sep 17, 2020-

Metal halide lamps are suitable for places requiring high illumination and good color rendering, such as gymnasiums, art galleries, exhibition halls, etc. The method of mixed light illumination can obtain high luminous efficiency and light color can also be improved. Suitable for street lighting and busy street lighting. Floodlight or high pole lighting, high pole lighting can be set in overpasses, squares, stations, docks, etc.

Metal halide lamps should be used in places with high hanging conditions and requiring large area lighting. When the power supply voltage of the gas discharge lamp fluctuates greatly, the lamp tube will go out by itself, which should be paid special attention to for some light sources that cannot be started immediately after going out. A certain safety factor should be considered so that the instantaneous voltage change of the power grid is not lower than a certain allowable value. Gas discharge lamps mostly use Inductive ballasts, and the power factors are all less than 1. In order to save non-ferrous metals and improve the utilization rate of equipment, compensation should be considered to improve the power factor. Generally, centralized compensation method is more convenient. When selecting the conductor section and lighting transformer capacity, not only the electric power consumed by the light source should be calculated, but also the loss power of the ballast should be included. The electric power consumed by the light source should be included in the loss power of the ballast.