What are the advantages of LED street lamps compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps?

- May 14, 2020-

(1) As a semiconductor element, in theory, the effective length of the LED lamp can reach 50,000 hours, and the 15,000 hours of the higher pressure sodium lamp is much higher.

(2) Compared with the high-pressure sodium lamp, the color rendering index of the LED lamp can reach more than 80, which is quite close to natural light. Under such light, the human eye recognition function can be effectively exerted to ensure road safety.

(3) When the street lamp is turned on, the high-pressure sodium lamp needs a preheating process, and its light takes a certain time from dark to bright, which causes a waste of electrical energy and affects the effective realization of intelligent control. , LED lights can achieve the best light at the moment of turning on, there is no so-called start-up time, which can achieve good intelligent energy-saving control.

(4) From the perspective of the luminescence mechanism, the high-pressure sodium lamp uses mercury vapor to emit light. After the light source is discarded, if it cannot be effectively treated, it will inevitably cause corresponding environmental pollution. LED and other uses solid-state lighting, there is no harmful substances to the human body, is a green and environmentally friendly light source.

(5) From the analysis of the optical system, the light source of the high-pressure sodium lamp is omnidirectional, and more than 50% of the light needs to be reflected by the reflector before it can be irradiated to the ground. During the reflection process, a part of the light will be lost, affecting its utilization . LED lights are unidirectional, and the light can be directed to illuminate, so it is relatively high.

(6) In high-pressure sodium lamps, the light distribution curve needs to be determined by the reflector, so there are great limitations; in LED lamps, a distributed light source is used. Through the effective design of each electric light source, it can The light source using the lamp presents an ideal state, realizes reasonable adjustment of the light distribution curve, controls the distribution of light, and the illuminance is relatively uniform within the effective illumination range of the lamp.

(7) At the same time, the LED lamp has a more complete automatic control system, which can adjust the brightness of the lamp according to different decomposition and lighting conditions to maintain a good energy saving effect.