What are the options for the selection of metal halide lamps?

- Mar 15, 2019-

The variety of metal halide lamps on the market is complicated, and how to choose them, the same needs to be considered from the light effect, the luminous flux retention rate and the average life. Some metal halide lamps on the market can create a comfortable and efficient lighting environment, and have obvious energy-saving effects, becoming the leader in metal halide lamps.
High luminous efficiency is the foundation of energy saving, the luminous efficiency is up to 106 lm/W, and the excellent luminous flux retention rate: with sodium lamp matching parts, the luminous flux retention rate can reach 70% after 12000 hours; and the mercury lamp/metal halide lamp matching parts After 12,000 hours, the luminous flux retention rate is as high as 75%, and the excellent lumen maintenance rate ensures the illumination effect during the entire operation. The average life expectancy is up to 20,000 hours, reducing the cost of replacement and protection.
In addition to its excellent function, metal halide lamps also have good system compatibility. They can be used in mercury or sodium lamp ballast systems to easily and easily replace sodium and mercury lamps. For example, you can replace them directly without triggers. Mercury lamp. Therefore, the factory can complete the energy-saving renovation and improve the lighting environment without any electrical appliance modification and saving the rated cost. Metal halide lamps have a variety of color temperatures to choose from, satisfying the requirements of different lighting colors for industrial lighting, especially the high color temperature HPI of 6700K. The lighting effect is like daytime. In addition, the metal halide lamp has a special feature, the starting voltage is only 750V, which is more and more safe.