What is the principle of high-pressure sodium lamp illumination?

- Nov 15, 2018-

When the bulb of the high-pressure sodium lamp is turned on, an arc is generated at both ends of the electrode of the arc tube, and the effect of the arc is that all the sodium mercury in the arc tube is evaporated by heat to become sodium vapor or mercury. Vapor, and the electricity emitted by the cathode end of the tube will strike the emitted atomic material during the movement of the turning anode, so that the atom can obtain electric energy and generate ionization to reach the excitation level. Returning to the steady state; there is also a kind of conversion from the ionization state to the excited state, and then back to the base, and the infinite loop, then the excess electric energy is released in the form of light radiation, thereby generating high voltage The source of the sodium lamp, this is the working principle of the high pressure sodium lamp.