Why are LED flood lights popular in outdoor lighting?

- Jun 05, 2020-

LED flood light, English full name is LED Flood Light, also known as LED spot light, LED projection light, LED flood light is a kind of lighting fixture controlled by built-in microchip.

According to the different built-in microchips, LED floodlights can be divided into two types: power chip combination and high-power chip. The former performance is relatively stable and suitable for a small range of irradiation; thus the structure is relatively large and can be used for large areas and long distances Irradiation.

The LED flood light can be designed into various brackets according to different usage conditions, so that the LED flood light can be adjusted in any direction, and the installation is more convenient. At the same time, LED flood lights have grayscale dimming angles compared to general LED lights, so they are more flexible to use.

The LED flood light adopts an integrated heat dissipation structure design. Compared with the general heat dissipation structure design, its heat dissipation area is increased by 80%, thus ensuring the luminous efficiency and replacement of the le flood light.

The LED flood light also has a special waterproof design, a circuit board processed with a special process, and an additional rain guide groove inside, which can ensure that even if water enters, it will not affect the use of the LED flood light. Direction, and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions, so its scope of use is very wide. Generally applicable to building outlines, frames, overpasses, parks, gradually etc.