High Power Outdoor LED Spot Flood Lights 50W 100W 150W 250W 300W 500W 600W Energy Saving

High Power Outdoor Led spot flood lights 50W 100W 150W 250W 300W 500W 600W energy saving Professional in LED Flood Light manufacture , full range for Led F l ood light 10W 20W 30W 50W 100W 150W 200W 250W 300W 500W 600W With Good Quality led Driver or Direct AC line, with COB and SMD option, wide...
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Selection of high-power outdoor LED point light source:

Point light source is a new type of decorative lights, mainly used in building signboards, KTV bars and other outdoor decorative use. In application, it can be used as the light source of quasi-parallel optical system to replace the parallel light source of halogen lamp.

Point light source is ideal for quality point light source.Point light source is an abstract physical concept, in order to simplify the study of physical problems. A parallel light source, also known as a directional light, is a set of parallel rays that do not decay, similar to the effect of sunlight. The target parallel light produces a cylindrical area of parallel illumination, a "parallel beam" similar to the target spotlight.



Characteristics of high power outdoor LED point light source

LED light source as a new generation of light source, and incandescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp and other traditional thermal radiation and gas discharge light source, there is a great difference, the current LED light source in lighting has the following advantages:

High luminous efficiency: with the development of LED lighting technology, the luminous efficiency of LED light source has been increased from less than 10lm/W to more than 100lm/W, and its luminous efficiency still has great potential to be improved.

Rich light and color :LED light source can realize the luminescence and discoloration of various colors in visible light band by changing current, chemical modification, mono-color light mixing and other methods. Even for white light LED, it can be made into a light source with various color temperatures.Therefore, it has obvious advantages in interior decoration lighting and landscape lighting.

Good brightness adjustment: according to the luminous principle of LED light source, the luminous brightness or output luminous flux of LED basically changes in a positive way with the current.And its operating current can be large or small within the rated range, with good tunability, which lays a foundation for LED light source to realize on-demand lighting and stepless control of brightness.

Small size: compared with traditional light source, LED light source is small in size and light in weight. It can be made into various shapes, which is convenient for the arrangement and design of various lamps and equipment. It has strong adaptability and wide application range.

Fast response time: the response time of incandescent lamp is millisecond, while that of LED light source is nanosecond.Therefore, it is widely used in the field of traffic signal and automobile signal light.

No flicker, no ultraviolet: the LED light source USES dc power supply, the luminescence is stable and does not flicker, and the spectrum is mainly concentrated in the visible light area, basically without the interference of ultraviolet or infrared radiation, so as to avoid the adverse effects of stroboscopic effect and improve the comfort of human eyes.

Strong directivity: compared with the traditional light source, the light emitted by LED light source is directional, and most of the light emitted from LED can be directly shot to the illuminated surface, and the utilization rate is much higher than the traditional light source.

Safe and stable :LED light source can be driven by low-voltage direct current, so the safety performance is better, especially suitable for public places.In addition, under the condition of good external environment, LED light source has less light decay and longer service life than traditional light source. Even frequent switching does not affect its service life.

Good environmental protection performance: LED light source does not need to add metal mercury in the production process, so LED waste will not cause mercury pollution, and its waste can be almost all recycled, not only save resources, but also protect the environment.


Light body detail description

Die-cast aluminum lamp body: It adopts die-cast aluminum casing, which has good corrosion resistance and crack resistance. The back cover of independent backpack type power supply box ensures the heat dissipation of internal drive;

Adopt high-quality imported high lumen LED chip: higher brightness, more uniform color, less light decay and long life;

Siamese optical lens: an integrated optical lens with high light transmittance and uniform light color;

Pressure-proof bracket: thick aluminum bracket, strong hardness, ensuring the fixture installation is not easy to damage; can be adjusted freely, the installation is simple and convenient;

Intelligent constant current drive: ultra-stable constant current, intelligent circuit solution filling design, superior waterproof and moisture-proof function, aluminum shell heat-carrying capacity, IP66 waterproof;

Product application scenario






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