70W 100W150W 250W 400W Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp R7S FC2 Base

70w 100w150w 250w 400w double ended Metal halide lamp R7s Fc2 base Professional HID lamp manufacturer for more than 10 years , full range of Double ended Metal halide lamps 70watt 100watt 150watt in R7s and 250W 400W in Fc2 base,with wide color temperature range from warmlight 3000k to daylight...
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70w 100w150w 250w 400w double ended Metal halide lamp R7s Fc2 base


Hello! We are a professional manufacturer of metal halide lamps for more than 10 years, full range of metal halide lamps at both ends 70 watts 100 watts 150 watts r7 and 250 w 400 w Fc2 base, with a wide range of color from the warmlight 3000 k color temperature 4200 k to 6500 k light,. UV-resistant design reduces the risk of fading during lighting.


Product description:

Non-ordinary bulb, direct power is not bright.Metal halide lamp, sodium lamp need ballast and trigger supporting use, capacitance can be added according to personal needs (no capacitance does not affect the use).

Features of metal halide bulb(Lamps):

1) compact configuration, providing excellent optical control in smaller fixture design;

2) energy saving and power saving, with an average life of about 12,000 hours;

3) bright eye-protection lamps are usually used for window jumping, museums and galleries, flood lighting and sports lighting applications.

Product Specification:

70W Double ended Metal halide lamps R7s base 



150W Double ended Metal halide lamps R7s base  



250W Double ended Metal halide lamps Fc2 base 


 400W Double ended Metal halide lamps Fc2 base 


Lighting system:
aUse ballasts and triggers for the matching system;
bThe light source must be used in conjunction with the sodium lamp system and comply with international electrical standards (60662-IEC-1020-2);

In order to ensure the stable operation and optimal performance of the light source, the maximum deviation of the power supply voltage is controlled within the range of +6/-8% of the rated voltage of the product, otherwise the life of the light source will be shortened;

dThe restart time is 15 minutes. If the bulb does not light (if using T5 ignition), please turn off the unit for 15 minutes before starting.

Product application scenario



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