150w Metal Halide Bulbs

150w Metal Halide Bulbs ED54 ED75 Clear and Coated Power: 150W Bulb Shape: Clear and Coated Base: E27/E40 Average Life: 10000Hours Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K Model: UPS model, Osram Model Product Specification: FACTORY SHOW: PACKING INFORMATIONS: High Intensity Discharge Lamp life...
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Product Details

Product features and USES:

The 150W metal halide bulb belongs to the contemporary energy-saving light source, which has the characteristics of good light color, high luminous efficiency, long service life and good visual sense of soft light in the powder coated bubble shell when working, and is suitable for building floodlight, projection lighting, shop window lighting and so on.


1. The bulb must be used together with corresponding special ballasts, capacitors and triggers;

2. All the bulbs are equipped with screw caps, which are charged when working. When repairing or changing the bulbs, the power should be cut off first to ensure safety;

3. Power supply voltage fluctuation in the range of 5%, the bulb can work normally.Power supply voltage too high too low, will affect the bulb's normal ignition point and life.

4 bulb needs to match lamps and lanterns, the light reflected by lamps and lanterns should not be concentrated on the bulb when burning point, lest affect the normal burning point and life of the bulb, in the meantime, should not make lamplight temperature prep above 400 Celsius.When the important occasion safety request high occasion use, should choose the sealed explosion-proof type or other special lamps and lanterns.

5. If the bulb is self-extinguishing during use, check whether the contacts in the circuit and the contact sheet in the lamp holder are good, whether the power supply voltage fluctuation is too large, and whether the ballast, capacitor or trigger is damaged. If normal, it can be started again.

Product Specification:

150Metal Hdlide Bulbs Clear Oval 


150W Oval coated metal halide lamps


150W UPS Uni form plus start metal halide lamps oval type










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