250w Metal Halide Bulbs

250w metal Halide MH bulb Clear and Coated Oval type ED90 Professional HID lamp manufacturer for more than 10 years , full range of metal halide Lamps 50w, 70w,100w,150w,175w,250w,400w,1000w,2000W for OSRAM model, PHILIPS model, GE Model, UPS Model, American Standard, Pulse Start metal halide...
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250w metal Halide MH bulb Clear and Coated Oval type ED90

Metal halide lamp is one of the best electric light sources in the world at present, it has the characteristics of high light efficiency, long lighting life, good color rendering, compact structure and stable performance.It has the advantages of fluorescent lamp, high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp.Therefore, the metal halide lamp has developed rapidly and its USES are becoming more and more extensive.


1. Powder-coated glass shell makes the lighting softer and gives people a good and comfortable visual sense;

2. The bulb has compatible characteristics and can be used for traditional American standard special ballast.Mercury lamp can also point on the induction ballast, more convenient to use and replace;

3. Good color rendering;

4. Light effect can reach 65;

Any flash point location, more convenient to use.


1. Lighting for stadium and sports facilities;

Industrial and commercial lighting: factories, supermarkets and exhibition halls;

3. Public lighting: square, station, port and airport;

4. Decorative flood lighting: monuments, buildings and hotels.

Product Specification:

250W Metal halide lamps ED90 Clear and coated Elliptical

The light is softer and does not fade;

The structure highlights the distinctive style and taste;

UV filtration technology is more environmentally friendly and healthy when used.

Metal halide lamp running circuit diagram

The bulb must be connected according to the following wiring diagram before it can be used normally.


Suggestion: If you do not need to install capacitors in your lighting fixtures, you can add no capacitors!

Product application scenario







O=Open fixture permissible. Lamps can be operated in an open fixture within the lamp’s specified operating position limits.

S=Open fixture permissible with operating position restrictions.

E=Enclosed fixture required. Lamps must be operated in an enclosed fixture.

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