UV Stop 70W 150W 250W 400W MH Light Bulb Daylight and Warmlight

UV stop 70w 150w 250w 400w MH light bulb daylight and warmlight Professional HID lamp manufacturer for more than 10 years , full range of metal halide light 70,100,150,175,250,400,1000w,2000W. In OSRAM model/PHILIPS model/GE Model/UPS Model etc. you can find all the metal halide lamps model and...
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UV stop 70w 150w 250w 400w MH light bulb daylight and warmlight


Our professional metal halide lamp manufacturers for more than 10 years, metal halide lamp luminous efficiency, good color performance, long service life and other characteristics, is a close to the daylight color energy-saving new light source.Full metal halide lamp series, 70100150175250400100 w, 2000 w.In osram/philips /GE /UPS and other products, you can find various types and quality of metal halide lamps in our factory.

Features of metal halide bulb(Lamps):

1) good color rendering :RA 65;The arc has high current density and small size, so it has high luminance and high utilization efficiency.
2) high luminous efficiency (80lm/w~120lm/w), long life (10000h~20000h).
3) wider color temperature range: different metal halide lamps have different optical properties.Can be used to beautify the city, improve the environment, improve efficiency, photochemistry, photobiology, art lighting and other aspects to meet the needs of different occasions, but also to expand the application of light source.
4) the same design as the philips model is welcomed by many countries.
5) low ignition voltage, 0.75-1.0kv, good impact performance.


1) widely used in supermarkets, exhibition centers, industrial plants, streets and squares;

2) lighting for railway station, bus station, courtyard, indoor and outdoor;

3) stadiums, airport lighting, and docks.

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