1000W Metal Halide Lamps

1000W metal halide lamps Tubular and BT E39/E40 Professional HID lamp manufacturer for more than 10 years , full range of metal halide light 70,100,150,175,250,400,1000w,2000W. In OSRAM model/PHILIPS model/GE Model/UPS Model etc. you can find all the metal halide lamps model and quality in our...
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1000W metal halide lamps Tubular and BT E39/E40

We are professional HID lamp manufacturers more than 10 years, a full range of metal halide   lamp of 70 w, 100 w, 150 w, 175 w,250 w, 400 w, 1000 w, 2000 w.In osram/philips /GE /UPS models and other products, you can find all types and quality of metal halide lamps in our factory.Our 1000W metal halide lamps with High Lumen output, and excellent Color rendering.


Product Features of metal halide bulb(Lamps):

1) good color rendering :RA 65;

2) high luminous efficiency, average 100LM/W;

3) color temperature: 4200 k to 5200 k;

4) very high luminous efficiency.

Product application areas:

1)advertising board; 

2) stadium;

3)exhibition center;

4)Department store;

5)Stations and docks;

Product Specification:

Display of applicable places








We have the profession test equipment to make sure all the bulb we manufactured is with good quality and without complain from customer.


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