150w Metal Halide Lamps

150W Metal halide lamps Tubular and Elliptical Professional HID lamp manufacturer for more than 10 years , full range of metal halide Lamps 50w, 70w,100w,150w,175w,250w,400w,1000w,2000W for OSRAM model, PHILIPS model, GE Model, UPS Model, American Standard, Pulse Start metal halide lamps, probe...
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Product Details

product feature:

(1) the quartz discharge tube is filled with metal halide mixture composed of high pressure mercury and sodium scandium, which can emit dense line spectrum;

(2) high light efficiency, good color rendering;

(3) the p-type bulb is protected and can be directly used for lighting in open lamps and lanterns;

(4) any position of ignition point.


150W tubular and elliptical metal halide lamps

We specialize in metal halide lamp manufacturers for more than 10 years,Metal halide lamp brings together the main advantages of gas discharge light source.Especially the three advantages of high light efficiency, long life and good light color.

Product Specification:

150W Elliptical metal halide lamps Clear and


product superiority

(1) high light efficiency, can achieve better lighting effect on the basis of energy saving;

(2) type P can be directly used in the development lamps and lanterns, reducing the initial investment and maintenance costs, and enhancing the safety in the use process;

(3) C/U type coated powder bubble shell can improve light color, light more soft, give a good visual sense.

150W Elliptical metal halide lamps Clear and


product application:

(1) lighting for large open-air stadiums and sports venues;(2) industrial and commercial lighting, such as factories, supermarkets and exhibition halls;(3) lighting of public places, such as squares, stations, ports and airports;(4) decorative flood lighting, such as monuments, buildings, etc.

150W Elliptical metal halide lamps Clear and


illuminant :

(1) the light source shall be used in the enclosed luminaire to prevent the rupture of the discharge tube at the end of the ignition point life;

(2) the protective structure of p-type low-power light source can be directly applied to the lighting of open lamps.

150W Tubulal halide lamps E40/e39 E27/E226 Base UPS Model


Product Features

1. Soft light, uniform luminescence, crystal high transmittance of glass up to 90%;

2. The filament has high stability with fixed multi-ring support, and the lamp port is international standard interface E40;

3. Environmental protection and high temperature resistance process design, to ensure the stable performance of the lamp in a long time;

Product acessories


Metal halide lamp running circuit diagram

The bulb must be connected according to the following wiring diagram before it can be used normally.


Suggestion: If you do not need to install capacitors in your lighting fixtures, you can add no capacitors!

Product application picture presentation








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