250w Metal Halide Lamps

Our company specializes in the production of HID lamp 250W metal halide lamp E40/E39 base daylight/warm light for more than 10 years, the full series of metal halide lamp is suitable for osram, philips, GE, UPS, American standard, pulse start metal halide... The product parameters adopt the unique olive shape design of the international leading circular arc tube, which brings excellent light and color uniformity and effectively solves the problem of uneven color distribution.
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Product Details


1) suitable for lighting of railway station, bus station, stadium, courtyard, indoor and outdoor;

2) lighting of freight ground, airport lighting, supermarket, warehouse area, public works, exhibition center and other places to ensure safe and effective work at night.

250W Metal Halide Lamps E40/E39 Base Daylight/Warmlight

The full series of metal halide lamps 50 w, 70 w, 100 w, 150 w, 175 w, 250 w, 400 w, 1000 w, 2000 w are the third generation of light source made by adding various metal halides to the high pressure mercury lamps.The illumination adopts the scandium sodium metal halide lamp, the metal halide lamp has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, good color display performance and long life, etc. It is a kind of new energy-saving light source close to the sunlight color.

Product Specification:

250W E40 metal halide lamps for American Model E40 Scandium and Natrium Gas




Scene lighting display:








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