Building Electrical Knowledge: Installation Requirements For Metal Halide Lamps In Electric Lighting Installations

- May 03, 2018-

1 The installation height of the luminaire should be more than 5m. The conductor shall be connected to the luminaire through the terminal and must not be near the surface of the luminaire.

2 Lamps must be used with triggers and restrictors.

3 Reflective lighting fixtures installed on the floor shall take protective measures.


Metal halide lamp features:

(1) High luminous efficiency.

(2) Good color rendering.

(3) UV radiation is less.

(4) The average life expectancy is shorter than that of high-pressure mercury lamps.

(5) The voltage change affects the change of light efficiency and light color, and the voltage drop will self-extinguish, so the voltage change should not exceed ± 5% of the rated value.

(6) In addition to the application of special transformers, the 1KW sodium-bismuth-indium lamp should be equipped with a special trigger to ignite.