2018 Filament Lamp Price Is Smithereens

- Jan 09, 2018-

Filament lamp as a typical lighting single product, obviously can not transcend the industry cycle law. From infancy to youth, from youth to manhood, from manhood to Twilight, and then to chance in the withered of the sky, then began another round of reciprocating.

2012-2014, the filament lamp in its infancy. Participants in this stage, a few of the few factories in the palm of the hand to hold a little hope of the flames, care between encouragement, to support everyone is that a little faith in the sad tears in the horizon of the spark. Certification of suspicion, mass production constraints, customer concerns, the company's water, matching the tender, any point is enough to destroy the industry's giant.

From 2014 to 2017, this stage was the filament lamp of puberty. The huge growth space and rocket-like development speed like chicken blood encouraged many colleagues to take the waist. And the industry's diversity and customer hunger and thirst to become the market to promote the size of the two huge engine, to promote this just out of the baby's products quickly into the mainstream. Driven by great interest, previous certification issues, ancillary issues, cost issues, customer issues like the mantis's front legs were crushed by the rumble of the chariot, while the people sitting on the chariot was filled with a bowl of joy, the car under the crowd are doing everything possible to find a small ticket.

When the wheel of time to 2018, the industry will eventually mature from adolescence, and the mature stage of many characteristics, will slowly appear. The core of the show is probably the homogenization of products and the price of compaction.

First of all, at this stage, the mainstream of the filament lamp products will be compressed to a mere more than 10 items, these single products will be the market price engine, to the frequent thousands demand repeatedly compressed many suppliers profit space.

Second, these items will become an extreme boli products, even at a certain stage will appear negative profit sales.

Third, the advantages of the company will be revealed incisively and vividly, absolute channels to bring absolute flux, and absolute flux on the enormous cost advantage, this time the market volume although huge, but no longer is everyone can be divided into cakes, many small and medium-sized factories will even dry up.