A British Town Plans To Install Thousands Of LED Lights And Manage Them Online

- May 29, 2019-

The sandringham council in the West Midlands plans to install about 4,000 lights by next year and more than 11,000 by 2022.

Parliament is understood to have signed a contract with Telensa to deploy smart street lighting infrastructure to implement the region's vision 2030.Street lamps will be wirelessly connected and managed using Telensa's smart system, which can control lighting levels.In addition to saving energy and maintenance costs, street lights can be customized remotely for each location.By some calculations, the investment is expected to pay for itself within seven years.

SangDeWei, regeneration and development director Amy Harhoff said, "our vision 2030 project aims to create an atmosphere to inspire our local residents, they can say proud from SangDeWei er", "at the same time, we are glad to cooperate with Telensa to carry out a project, will reduce their carbon footprint and save costs."

It is understood that the system is an end-to-end intelligent street lighting system, composed of wireless nodes connected to each lamp, through automatic fault reporting to improve the quality of maintenance, and the road light pole into a smart city sensor hub.