Application Advantages Of Embedded LED Panel Lamp In Family

- Apr 25, 2019-

The led ceiling lamp is usually installed in the interior of the room. The exterior design of the LED ceiling lamp is flat on the upper part. It is installed close to the roof. It is like adsorbing on the roof, so it is called LED ceiling lamp. The Recessed LED Panel Lights is widely used in shopping malls, offices, Metro and other public places. The installation methods are diversified. There are flat LED panel lamp, embedded LED panel lamp, ceiling-sucking LED panel lamp, etc. Because ceiling-sucking panel lamp is commonly used, it is often called ceiling-sucking lamp, so it is often confused.


Installation methods are different: there are two kinds of Recessed LED Panel Lights, one is directly installed on the ceiling; the other is fixed on the ceiling by hanging board. There is only one kind of ceiling lamp. The chassis is fixed with expansion screw.

Embedded LED Panel Lamp


Shape difference: Recessed LED Panel Lights shape is very few, only round, square. The ceiling lamp now has different shapes and patterns for customers to choose from.


Huahui Lighting also produces Recessed LED Panel Lights and LED ceiling lamp. The Recessed LED Panel Lights has direct Recessed LED Panel Lights and side LED panel lamp, which can be embedded and ceiling mounted. The shape of the Recessed LED Panel Lights is round and square for everyone to choose.