Application Field Of Metal Halide Lamp

- Jan 09, 2018-

In the field of industrial lighting, it is still the current main line to choose Energy-saving and environment-friendly illumination scheme instead of traditional high-energy source. Energy-saving lamps are not the only light source to be used for lighting. The energy-saving of light source should be measured in three aspects, such as light effect, light flux maintenance rate and average life span. In different lighting environment, the most suitable energy-saving light can be used in lighting energy-saving transformation. To achieve the best energy-saving effect in the industrial lighting environment of medium and high ceilings, the experts suggest that metal halide lamps are the best choice.

There are many kinds of metal halide lamps on the market, and how to choose them also needs to be considered from light effect, light flux maintenance rate and life expectancy. Philips Euperkin Halogen Lamp HPI Excellent to create a comfortable and efficient lighting environment, and has a significant energy-saving effect, become a gold halide lamp leader. High light efficiency is the fundamental of energy saving, Philips HPI light efficiency of up to 106 lumens/watts, and has excellent optical maintenance rate: with sodium lamp matching parts, 12,000 hours after the luminous flux maintenance rate of 70%, and with mercury lamp/Metal halide lamp kit, 12,000 hours after the luminous flux maintenance rate is also up to 75%, The excellent light flux maintenance rate ensures the lighting effect throughout the operation. The HPI average life expectancy is as high as 20000 hours, reducing the cost of replacement and maintenance.

In addition to excellent performance, Philips HPI Metal Halide Lamp also has good system compatibility, can be used in mercury lamp or sodium lamp ballast system, easy and easy to replace sodium lamp, mercury lamp, such as: Hpi-bus type without trigger can directly replace mercury lamp. Therefore, the factory will be able to complete the energy-saving renovation and upgrade the lighting environment without making any electrical modification and saving the extra cost. Philips HPI Metal Halide Lamp has a variety of color temperature to choose from, to meet the industrial lighting requirements of different light color, especially 6700K high temperature HPI, lighting effect as the day. In addition, Philips HPI Metal Halide Lamp has a major feature, the starting voltage is only 750V, more secure.