Chen Yansheng: To Rationally Develop Intelligent Lighting

- Sep 03, 2019-

Innovation is the driving force for economic and social development, and innovation has a profound impact on all walks of life. The same is true for the lighting industry, and the active implementation of innovation is crucial to the further development of the lighting industry.

Chen Yansheng, vice chairman and secretary general of China Lighting Association, said in an interview recently that since Edison invented the light bulb more than 100 years ago, the lighting has experienced the heat source and gas discharge, and entered the solid-state light source stage at the beginning of this century. It can be said that every progress in lighting is the result of innovation. Nowadays, with the application of LEDs to the field of lighting, information technology and communication technologies and interconnection technologies are more easily integrated, and intelligent lighting has begun to enter the public eye.

Intelligent lighting is the solution of the system

The concept of intelligent lighting is very young, even in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the history of intelligent lighting is only a few years. However, there is no doubt that smart lighting will have an important impact on the upgrading of the lighting industry and the improvement of people's lives.

"For the society, intelligent lighting will provide new ideas for energy saving and emission reduction; for the people, intelligent lighting will improve the living environment and quality of life, creating a more comfortable lighting environment for people." Chen Yansheng said that in recent years, Intelligent lighting has achieved significant growth and is valued by the industry. The United States established the Intelligent Lighting Engineering Research Center in 2008. Since 2011, it has held an intelligent lighting conference every year. Although the domestic industry is slightly behind the developed countries, many companies are already working on smart lighting.

However, Chen Yansheng believes that the current intelligent lighting is still in its infancy, and everyone is groping forward, so the products produced are also relatively primitive, such as the so-called smart bulbs. In fact, intelligent lighting is not a simple lighting control or intelligent lighting equipment. In the future, true intelligent lighting should be a system solution, which is an intelligent lighting system that varies with different lighting environments.

For example, he said, assuming a bathroom, no one is lit, but when the person opens the door, the light inside will automatically light up. This is the simplest example of intelligent lighting. Another example is the underground parking lot. Under normal circumstances, the illumination of the light is not high. When the car comes in from the entrance, the forward passage will be illuminated by strong light; when the car passes, the light will automatically darken and no human operation is required. Like conference room lighting, lighting will change in time according to different conference scenarios such as discussion and screening of PPT.

Transforming challenges into opportunities, rationally developing intelligent lighting

The bright future of intelligent lighting is recognized by the industry as the future development trend of lighting. At present, many lighting companies are planning to transform and upgrade to smart lighting.

Chen Yansheng said that the current smart lighting industry is in a state of full bloom, such as infrared transmission, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and so on. The establishment of standards requires a process, and there is no consensus yet, but ZigBee has a higher voice.

Domestic companies are entering the field of intelligent lighting, and opportunities and challenges coexist. Chen Yansheng pointed out that enterprises must turn challenges into opportunities, constantly adjust and optimize their talent structure and knowledge structure. On the one hand, they actively introduce professionals in the Internet and communications; on the other hand, they must cooperate with other companies and other fields, and actively participate in international Exchange and learn from foreign counterparts. At the same time, he reminded some companies that are on the sidelines, should not blindly invest, and must rationally look at the current hype of intelligent lighting.

China Lighting Association is actively promoting and guiding the healthy development of intelligent lighting. Since 2011, the Association has held the China LED Lighting Forum every year. This year, it also opened a sub-forum with the theme of intelligent lighting. It is intended to build a platform through the Association to allow everyone to communicate with each other and jointly promote the continuous development of intelligent lighting.

In addition, Chen Yansheng hopes that all sectors of the society will create a healthy and rational development environment for intelligent lighting, so that enterprises can carry out research and development work with greater concentration and practicality.