Chengdu Future Night View First, The Central Urban Landscape Lighting Planning

- Jun 24, 2019-


The more beautiful the night!Sunset molten gold, sunset slanting, lights, time overflow color......Night view, highlighting the prosperity of a city and aesthetic taste.

As a landscape lighting project to light up the night economy, the "special plan for landscape lighting of chengdu central urban area (2017-2025)" has been released, and the beauty of chengdu's future night scene is all in it.

The planning for chengdu city center area (11 + 2), as well as the "east" area (jianyang, jintang county domain, longquanyi district hundred avenue east area, longquan mountain, tianfu new area of qingbaijiang district as well as the straight pipe area) of landscape lighting in the partition plan, aimed at night at chengdu characteristics, improve public well-being, stimulating economic development, the promotion of green lighting at night, to realize scientific and efficient management.

Connect important urban areas and nodes

According to the introduction, through the selection and comprehensive analysis of the landscape lighting carrier, select the key landscape lighting area, path, node and landmark, extend the river corridor, connect the important urban area and node, form the landscape lighting structure of "one mountain, two centers, three axes, four rings, many corridors and many pieces".


Among them, "one mountain" is longquan mountain urban forest park;

"Double heart" for tianfu jincheng, tianfu new center;

The "three axes" are the night landscape axis of the northern and southern cities, the night landscape axis of the east-west cities, and the night landscape axis of jinjiang.

The "fourth ring road" consists of the first ring road, the second ring road, the third ring road and the panda greenway, the fourth ring road and the jincheng greenway.

"Gallery" including the tuojiang river, qingshui river, a baseline, Jiang Anhe, shahe river main stream, as well as the high speed and chengdu tianfu international airport airport expressway across the board, yingbin avenue, shu han road, golden avenue, catalpa state avenue, double nan road, binjiang road, hongxing road, wuhou temple street, east street, build way, division China road, along the city street, jiefang road, calibrate avenue section of these areas on either side of the city, into the continous highway, ChengQing expressway, into zhao expressway, expressway, chengdu-chongqing expressway, south of the city into a simple highway, into the three high-speed contour the entry section of the expressway;


                                                                 Xinglong lake

"Chip" for tianfu international airport, chengdu shuangliu international airport, jiaozi, community park, tianfu Olympic city, deer creek valley, chengdu east station, chengdu chengdu north station, chengdu south railway station, west railway station, tianfu new stations, such as city major functional areas, blue sheep sands gathering area, the new cluster areas to avenue, red floor & concentrated area, high big source concentration area, panda avenue concentrated area in cities like commercial service industry agglomeration area, tianfu international community, TongZi Lin Guoji community and Pi area double cypress international community, such as the international community in the jin and other historical and cultural blocks, build way which grades and city business circle.

Display the city characteristic image and the historical deposits

According to the introduction, longquan mountain urban forest park is the green heart of chengdu city, is also an international meeting room, will mountain, forest, greenway as the main elements, show the overall image of colorful landscape, splendid painting;

Tianfu jincheng is the center of the old city of chengdu, which is composed of tianfu square, wide and narrow lanes, shuijing square and wenshu courtyard historic district.

Tianfu new center is the center of tianfu new district, which reflects the city features of looking mountains and water, innovation and creation, elegance and inclusiveness. It is mainly composed of tianfu business district and surrounding areas of xinglong lake.

The central axis of the north and south cities is the comprehensive development axis of the central city from south to north, displaying the central function, international image and historical deposits of the central city of chengdu.

Buildings along the subway stations and green belts, overpasses, realizing a complete coverage of the functional lighting, and according to the morphological evolution and spatial characteristics of axis, which are characterized by "time travel" positioning, build from steady to active the north-south extension, the overall urban development process, is divided into four parts: the first part of the train north station, people's north road and train station, the new heaven and earth;The second part is tianfu square -- jinjiang, huaxi dam section, renmin south road -- rennan interchange section.The third part is people's middle road, city section;The fourth part is tianfu new section.

The east-west urban axis is the comprehensive development axis of the central urban area, displaying tianfu culture and urban characteristic image.Buildings, overpasses, subway stations and green belts along the route should be fully covered by functional lighting, which can be divided into three parts according to the morphological evolution and spatial characteristics of the axis: west section of the fifth ring road -- tianfu square, east section of the fifth ring road -- tianfu square, and east section of the fifth ring road -- jianyang urban area.


                                                        Tianfu panda tower

Jinjiang, is an important water system and urban waterfront public space should be combined with jinjiang green way do the overall building, on both sides of the river bank should improve the functional lighting, light up the river, river bank, meet the requirement of pedestrian, and on both sides of the building should strengthen flood lighting, overall reflect dynamic characteristics, ecological livable city leisure, build livable water front landscape lighting atmosphere.

According to "tianfu greenway jinjiang green axis planning", it is divided into four parts: pengqing road -- north ring city expressway, north ring city expressway -- south ring city expressway, south ring city expressway -- railway freight outer winding, railway freight outer winding -- south of huanglongxi ancient town.

The first ring road, the second ring road, the third ring road and the fourth ring road are all the ring roads in the central urban area, which should form a city image with profound cultural background and fashion and elegance.

Key areas such as "multi-corridor" and "multi-slice" cover sub-central cluster areas and some large-scale and highly positioned cluster areas in the central urban area of chengdu. Landscape lighting should reflect the modern prosperous, warm and harmonious atmosphere.On the basis of guaranteeing the functional lighting, the airport should increase the landscape lighting appropriately to reflect the concise, fashionable and innovative night image.Urban landscape lighting corridor is the skeleton of landscape lighting system, which organically connects the landscape lighting areas and nodes.Important corridors include water corridors and road corridors.

It is understood that in the construction of urban landscape lighting, in the process of ascension will adhere to the people as the center, adhere to people-oriented, economy applicable, energy saving, the basic principles of green environmental protection, beautify the environment, based on the city function orientation, to meet people's increasing need of a better life, "the classification, key planning to build some parts, some parts reasonably planning, some parts rein landscape lighting."These important areas, important corridors and landmark nodes should be included in the landscape lighting zoning planning compiled by each district and county.

Lighting facilities that interfere with residential buildings are prohibited

According to the relevant person in charge of the city's urban management commission, the plan also specifies restrictive and prohibitive areas, such as prohibiting the installation of lighting facilities that interfere with residential buildings, and strictly restricting the advertising lighting of residential buildings.Lighting buffer zones should be set within 100 meters around cultural tourism buildings to prohibit lighting facilities with excessive brightness and drastic dynamic changes.It is forbidden to use the light source that damages the wooden structure and colored drawing in the lighting of ancient buildings.Large areas of colored lighting are prohibited in natural ecological areas.Strictly control the lighting Angle and direction, and prohibit the use of red, green and other light sources affecting traffic safety in the lighting of road traffic facilities;Advertising lighting shall not affect the use of residential buildings or urban roads with flashing light sources.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to produce light pollution or interference by night lighting source, restrict the use of high-energy source, restrict the use of large area linear light source, etc., and set different lighting-out periods for each functional area according to different seasons.High brightness and glare light sources and dynamic light sources are prohibited in traffic squares to avoid affecting drivers.Outdoor advertising lighting shall not interfere with traffic safety. Advertising lighting within 10 meters around the traffic control signal device and within the background space shall not use flashing mode and red, yellow and green colors.Outdoor advertisements shall not affect aviation safety;Lighting facilities for outdoor advertisements shall not affect the urban landscape during the daytime.


  •                                                                                     Anshun covered Bridges

Landscape lighting landmarks and nodes

Urban gateway: north railway station, south railway station, east railway station, shuangliu international airport, tianfu international airport, etc.

Bridges: anshun langqiao, jiuyanqiao, caihong bridge, baihuatan bridge, wanfu bridge, shuijin bridge, dongmen bridge, jinjiang bridge, wugui bridge, hongxing bridge, guanma bridge, dongfeng bridge, xinhua bridge, taisheng bridge, wuding bridge, jinyun bridge, etc.

Commanding heights: tower zishan park, phoenix mountain park, tianfu panda tower, greenbelt center shufeng 468, "One Belt And One Road" building;

Historical and cultural buildings:, qingyang palace, du fu thatched cottage, wangjiang floor jamchen lhakhang monastery, wenshu monastery, xindu bao guang temple, ancestral Pi all area at plexus, salween Confucian temple, etc.;

Bus stations and surrounding areas along the second ring road viaduct: hongpai building, jiaoda intersection, qingxi intersection, chengwen interchange, sanyou intersection, changbei intersection, etc.

City parks, squares and important public space: the tianfu square, the people's park, cultural park, flowers pond park, to the park, very park, yong ling park, phoenix mountain park, wangjiang tower park, xinhua park, wuhou temple, wenshu monastery, du fu thatched cottage, jinsha ruins museum, memory, jinjiang, shahe ribbon ribbon park, east park, etc.At the same time, all the overpasses will also have distinctive landscape lighting.

"Light show" proposed location hejiang pavilion and other 5 points

According to introducing, still will build the high-quality goods that reflects city grade appropriately, distinctive feature, strong appeal "light show" project.The "light show" project should be presented in the planned exhibition area in principle to facilitate public viewing, ensure public safety and facilitate traffic organization.

Five alternative sites are planned:

1. Hejiang pavilion "urban balcony" area: to create the urban water light show by combining jinjiang, jinjiang greenway urban balcony node, shui jing fang, music fang, surrounding buildings and other resources;

2. Chengdu east passenger station: according to the positioning of "light and shadow city", combining with the east passenger station and tazishan park, create the night light show of the urban gateway area;

3. Guixi park: combine the ecological zone around the city and the new urban area to form an open viewing area and create a light show full of science and technology;

4. Tianfu square: combining the surrounding public buildings and business buildings, it forms a relatively solemn light show that reflects the civilization of ancient shu.

5. Xinglong lake, science city: the wide water surface of xinglong lake is used to create a water curtain light show with excellent view coastline, and the tianfu business district in the north reflects each other.