Children Room Illume Light Wants Sufficient

- Sep 05, 2019-

Ms. Zhou: My son is six years old. I bought a lamp for his room. Is there any special need to pay attention?

A: The lighting of the children's room is different from the warmth of the master's bedroom. The personality characteristics and growth needs of the child should be fully considered. The overall lighting brightness of the children's room should be higher than that of the adult room, and the light should be soft. In addition, the room needs to have corresponding local lighting to facilitate the child to read the writing work, or to find other items. If the indoor lighting layout is unreasonable, the light is not sufficient, or the child's actual needs are neglected in order to emphasize the decorative effect, which may affect the child's vision.

When parents choose lamps for their children, they often choose cute and colorful lights, but sometimes the appearance of the lamps does not guarantee the child's vision. Since the child is in the growth stage, the choice of the lamp should not only consider its safety and whether the material is environmentally friendly, whether the shape conforms to the child's psychological characteristics, and more importantly, whether it meets the child's actual needs on the light source. Due to its instability, the ordinary light source can easily cause the child's vision to drop. Therefore, it is especially important to choose bright and high color rendering lamps. It must be noted that if the child is still small, do not pick the lamps that are easy for the child to touch the light bulb to prevent the hot bulb from burning to the child's tender skin. It is best to choose a closed lampshade or add a protective cover to the lamp.

Also, if there is a wall lamp installed in the child's room, then you should be careful not to expose the power cord, so that the child does not have the wire to play with the toy, which may cause electric shock. Do not ignore the safety of the power outlet. It is best to choose a socket that has a safety cover or that can be automatically closed by unplugging the power hole of the plug.