Classification Of Suitable Places And Methods For Metal Halide Lamps

- Apr 25, 2019-

Metal Halide Lamps should be used in places requiring large area lighting. When the instantaneous fluctuation of the supply voltage of the gas discharge lamp drops greatly, the lamp tube will extinguish itself. This is especially important for some light sources that can not be restarted immediately after extinguishing. Consideration should be given to a certain safety factor so that the instantaneous voltage variation of the power grid is not less than a certain allowable value. Inductive ballasts are commonly used in gas discharge lamps, and the power factor is less than 1. In order to save non-ferrous metals and improve equipment utilization, compensation should be considered to improve power factor when large area of gas discharge lamp lighting is used. Generally, centralized compensation method is more convenient. When choosing the conductor section and the capacity of lighting transformer, not only the power consumed by the light source should be calculated, but also the loss power of the ballast should be included.

 Metal Halide Lamps

Metal halide lamps can be divided into four categories according to the fillers and methods inside.


(1) Sodium, thallium and indium. There are three peaks in yellow, green and blue regions.

(2) Scandium sodium. It has a nearly continuous spectrum in the whole visible range.

(3) dysprosium and holmium. In the whole visible spectrum range, there are several lines with very narrow spacing, which are approximately continuous.

(4) Tin halide. It has a continuous molecular spectrum. There is also a lamp filled with a single metal halide, which can emit a specific wavelength spectrum, such as thallium lamp with 535 nm wavelength spectrum, green.


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