Consideration: Sunshine Path And Single-plank Bridge Of LED Industry

- Sep 14, 2019-

Since the rise of the LED industry, a series of auras such as energy saving, high efficiency, and long life have been under the guise of industrial development. However, China’s LED industry has started late, and the long-term “zero-door” access principle has enabled It has the characteristics of “industry chaos, miscellaneous products, and difficult enterprises”. The industry as a whole presents a situation of “high and low”. Moreover, the domestic LED industry started relatively late. Since the rise of the industry, it has been dominated by government support, supplemented by independent development of enterprises, which indirectly contributes to the dependence of enterprises and slows down the pace of non-government market development. With the advent of the industry's reshuffle period, many companies are struggling in the operation process. The government's Yangguan Road can be good, but the threshold for obtaining government funding is high, and it is a reality that fewer companies meet the requirements.

In China, small and medium-sized LED companies are mostly in the face of industry reshuffle. Many people in the industry believe that removing some enterprises will benefit the development of the industry. However, although there are many enterprises but the big market has not yet opened, there is still a lot of saturation. space. If the industry reshuffle now forces most companies to go out, then when it comes to opening up big markets, “whether it is necessary to let a large number of companies flood in and then reshuffle” is still a question worth considering. As an emerging industry, some of the manufacturers currently engaged in this industry are not very familiar with it, but they have to be more competitive with companies that will re-enter or transform in the future. Nowadays, the LED industry relies more on the market provided by the government. The “rice bowl” provided by the government has been robbed by enterprises. If it is not grabbed, it will not be grabbed. Even if it is grabbed, it will not be a golden rice bowl. It is expected that the government subsidies will allow some enterprises to tide over the difficulties. However, getting rich has to work hard. Therefore, seeking a better market and opening up a larger development space are issues that all enterprises must consider.

Nowadays, LED products are mostly concentrated in the field of professional lighting. As one of the candidates for the fourth generation of lighting products, it is understandable, but the characteristics of integrated LED lamps are far higher than pure lighting. With the advent of the industry's reshuffle period, some companies have fought for price wars, but the results have been exhausted, and inferior products in the market have emerged endlessly. Faced with LED lighting products of different prices and different quality, consumers' distrust of LED products has increased, and it is more difficult to enter LED products into the civilian market. Although most people think that LED products are difficult to enter the civilian market, the main reason is the price, but the price is a sufficient and unnecessary condition for LED products to enter the civilian market. In particular, LED products are currently used as high-end products in the lighting field. The bad is not clear.

The way to promote LED products with government subsidies and lower prices may make LED products enter the public life faster, but opening the civilian market will not make the psychological price of LED products in the hearts of the people not their own value, thus reducing The competitiveness of the LED industry makes it difficult for other products to enter the market?

At present, the government's subsidies for LED products are mostly concentrated in the public lighting field, so as to increase the government's macro-control. Whether this will slow down the time for LEDs to enter civilian lighting remains to be considered. For enterprises, the government can rely on it for a while, but absolutely Can not rely on a lifetime, the government to build the "yangguan Road", it is good to be able to go, can not go or can not catch up, can not blame the people. So where is the “wooden bridge” for the companies in the LED industry? Let’s talk about it:

Foreign trade transactions are difficult to smooth down

Some manufacturers have made profits by exporting products, but in mid-July, Europe and the United States increased the standards of imported products, which made the industry feel awkward. Some of the products that have not reached the standard have been rejected. Although some people say that this is a comprehensive monitoring and improvement for the domestic LED industry, it will greatly help to enhance the competitiveness of excellent products. However, some enterprises have suffered heavy losses, which is undoubtedly a big blow to China, where LED technology is still underdeveloped. And some people who do foreign trade also said that the current industry pressure.

Now it seems that the foreign trade market is not optimistic, although it is a way out, but most of them are famous flowers, and with the improvement of standards, and then want to grab a place, I am afraid it is not easy.

Current status: public lighting is popular

At present, the central government subsidies have increased, and local governments have continued to support them. Although the development of the industry is still lacking, the continuous investment of the government has indeed increased the confidence of enterprises in the development of the LED industry. Recently, Guangdong Province has leveraged the EMC contract energy management model to develop the LED industry and increase the application of LED products in the field of public lighting. This has to some extent avoided the dependence of enterprises on government subsidies and increased the relationship between enterprises and the market. Cooperation. The pioneering of public lighting has slowly penetrated into the civilian market, and the space for the people to adapt slowly seems to have become a process of LED development. However, the requirements for public lighting projects belonging to the government are high, and to a certain extent, they can only be dominated by large enterprises. How to use SMEs to learn from and use the public lighting sector to open their own markets requires further discussion. It is possible to refer to the EMC project and undertake small orders. It is also necessary to see when EMC will mature in China.

Civil lighting: added value is important

Nowadays, some Chinese LED products rely on export to make a home, and most foreign owners value the giant cake in the Chinese civil market. China has a large population. If the civilian market can be opened, it will undoubtedly cause many enterprises to embark on a well-off road, but how to open the civilian market. It has always been a question under consideration.

When the LED products are crowded into the civilian market, it is a big problem for anyone who has "high price". But is it really the price? Now the price war of the merchants not only knocked out the price but also destroyed the quality. As a noble product in the lighting industry, LED can take the high-end route, increase its added value, and stand straight into the market, instead of flattening its head and begging for it?

If LED lighting and creative design are combined to create fashionable household items, it represents not only lighting appliances, but also a life attitude, a personal style, compared with simple lighting, will it be more There is room for development. On the other hand, this design can also make full use of the characteristics of LEDs, and the profit value of enterprises seems to be relatively higher.

The LED industry under a series of halo envelopes is now in a state of entanglement, which makes most people in the industry love and hate. Everyone recognizes that the LED product market has broad prospects, but it cannot be denied that its development direction is still not clear. Now, no matter which single-wood bridge you step on, you must be cautious, otherwise you will face the danger of being eliminated. Whether it is possible to reach the Kangzhuang Avenue that the enterprise is yearning for through the individual wooden bridges, it is necessary for each enterprise to be cautious and groping slowly.