Design Of Intelligent LED Solar Street Light System

- Sep 17, 2019-

Solar energy is the most direct and most common source of energy on the planet, and solar energy is a huge renewable energy source. With the increasing shortage of traditional energy sources, the application of solar energy will become more and more extensive, especially in the field of solar power generation, which has developed into a mature sunrise industry in just a few years.

At present, road lighting accounts for 25% to 30% of the total lighting power consumption, so road lighting energy saving has great potential and space. At present, the most used road lighting is high-pressure nano lamps, which have the disadvantages of poor color rendering, long startup time, high power consumption, and large heat generation, and need to develop new and more energy-efficient road lighting sources.

High-power high-efficiency LED is a new light source developed rapidly in recent years at home and abroad. It has high luminous efficiency (≥90 lmPW (1W LED)), long life (30000~50000h), resistance to vibration, damage, instant start, no pollution. Etc. White LEDs are an ideal source for general and road lighting. Solar street lights have many advantages: safe and reliable, easy to maintain; do not require conventional energy, do not pollute the environment; can be installed anywhere, need not be connected to the public power grid. Therefore, the development of LED street lights has important energy saving significance. Based on the original solar street light system, this paper proposes and develops a new type of intelligent LED solar street light system.

The solar street light system consists of the following components: solar panels, boost circuit modules, controller modules, Zigbee communication components, battery packs, and LED light sources.

The basic working principle of the system: under the control of the solar controller, the solar panel is charged to the battery pack through two boost circuits (12V to 42V) during the day, and the battery pack provides power to the LED lamp load at night. In the control module, the real-time control of the booster circuit, battery voltage, temperature, LED lamp group temperature, and panel voltage is realized, and the data is fed back to the PIC through the analog switch to realize intelligent control of the street lamp system. The Zigbee module provides reliable technical support for the networking of street lighting systems.