Eight Common Problems And Solutions Of Customized Landscape Street Lamps

- May 25, 2019-

Often meet a customer to send a lamp type to quote?

How about a price to go straight to the lights?

Before answering the customer's question, you said that we should spend two hours to do the accounting and find the lamp type. Finally, the customer said that it was too expensive.

In view of such problems, I would like to summarize the problems I often encounter when doing landscape lighting, especially the unexpected difficulties I encountered in the process of cooperating with customers.We should know that it is not always easy to carry out a landscape street light project. There are always a variety of variables that affect the progress of our work, whether big or small.It mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Differences between design drawings and finished products

The institute designs the drawings in advance, and the factory carries out a series of production processes.Often the ideal is very plump, the reality is very bone, there is always a big difference between the design and the finished product, such as the joint fulcrum connection is strong, need not need to open the abrasive tool, the material material is different and so on are the influencing factors.It is important that these factors are related to the stability and safety coefficient of landscape street lamps. Therefore, in the production process, we will try our best to test a variety of materials, test multiple data comparison, and seek a material with relatively high stability coefficient and safety coefficient.

2. It is difficult to determine the proportion of the height of landscape lights

In his design drawings with the field survey the conditions of the factors don't have, if the designer alone unilateral design it is difficult to reach the application conditions of the actual scene, this problem is an inevitable problem for us, there is no good way to solve the problem, the most effective and only production and design of high frequency, type and application scenarios to determine parameters according to the lamp.

3. Wind force factor

Is the street light project is used in outdoor scenes, so must consider the wind size to the influence degree of lamps and lanterns, different regions, different season wind size is also difficult to determine, this and match them with the first article, we will choose solid coefficient in the process of production and higher safety coefficient of the material, at the same time, the strong sex of splicing pivot connection will be corresponding detection.

4. Control the details of manual production

A complete street lamp requires multiple connections, as well as polishing and spraying.The joints are all welded by skilled welders. If the density of the joints is not enough, it will affect the street lamp's stability coefficient and service life. If the polishing and plastic-spraying are not in place, it will affect the overall appearance.In order to prevent the link oversight, in the production process, we used a comprehensive monitoring tools, real-time monitoring of the quality of products, and at the same time, there are special inspection, strict attention to product quality.

5. Protection measures for logistics and transportation

In the process of transportation, the products are prone to collision and friction, which will lead to the drop of paint and affect the appearance of the products. Therefore, in the process of transportation, we fix each street lamp in a stable way, so as to avoid the problem of collision in the process of transportation.At the same time, we will choose some materials with greater friction to prevent the joint from falling off during transportation.Due to the long transportation distance and the large quantity of goods, it is difficult for the driver to take care of the security of the goods. Therefore, we will also send special guards to prevent theft.

6. Direction of view

Because each city or area building may be from each different direction, Angle can see, but generally before the landscape lamp design, to decide a specific direction as the main view direction.Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a field survey of the city, and determine the main direction of the landscape light by analyzing the geographical location of the city, so as to make use of the unique charm of the city against the light of the landscape light.

7. Surrounding environment and background

The light and shade of the surroundings and background will affect the illumination required for landscape lighting.If the surroundings are dark, a little light is needed to illuminate the subject.If the perimeter is very bright, then the light must be reinforced to highlight the main body.Therefore, before the production of landscape lights in this area, the brightness of lights should be determined by understanding the buildings and surrounding environment of each place in the city.

8. light source

The factors such as light color, color rendering, efficiency and service life should be considered when choosing the light source.The light color of the landscape light has a great relationship with the color of the wall material outside the building, so it is necessary to fully consider the building material of each place in the city to determine the source of the landscape light.Generally speaking, the stone material of gold brick, yellow brown suits to use warm color light to illuminate more.

Because the situation of each city and area is different, the factors that affect the landscape lamp design are also different, so in doing landscape lamp design must fully consider these factors to design the most suitable for the development of the city landscape lamp.