Fans Are Arguing, The Market Is Growing

- Jul 14, 2019-

As a kind of imported goods, the fan light was turned from Taichung to the mainland to set up a factory monopoly market, and then the Chinese people broke the fence, a single product that gathered fans and lighting, and decorated with unprecedented prosperity. From the invisible fan to the straight leaf fan, from the factory to the terminal, from the outside to the internal cause, the fan lamp industry has undergone what kind of roasting and baking. The Guzhen Lighting Report Research Group went deep into the market and unveiled its past and present life.


Origin: Taiwan-funded factory inherits the past and the future, single product supports the industrial banner

Strictly speaking, fan lights are imported. In the 1930s and 1940s before the founding of New China, countries such as Britain, Germany and France brought fan lights into China, and foreign merchants and concession embassies were used. As a kind of foreign label, the fan light appeared in the lobby of Daguan.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Taiwanese across the bank smelled the fan light business opportunities and formed industrial clusters in the Taichung area. The mainland's fan lights flowed through the Hong Kong port and gradually entered the domestic elegant hall.

After the opening of the reform and opening up, Taiwan's fan lamp factory moved into the port towns of Jiangmen, Huizhou and Zhongshan. The Taiwan-funded factories formed a monopoly and basically controlled the domestic and international fan lamp market.


Fan light that can manually adjust the wind speed

Since 2001, domestic people have also seen business opportunities, learning to digest and absorb Taiwanese production experience and technology, and enter the fan light camp. After some people tasted the sweetness, more people swarmed in and broke the market pattern of monopoly of Taiwan-funded factories.

The old-fashioned domestic fan lamp factory Yongyi Yufeng first played the above role. According to Liu Shuqiang, deputy general manager of the factory: When Yongyi Yufeng entered the fan lamp industry in 2001, the domestic fan lamp industry was basically in a state of savage. The initial products are basically exports.

Since 2004, the domestic market has begun to echo, the Spring River plumbing duck prophet, almost overnight, fan lamp manufacturers adjust the direction began to march into the domestic market.


Different style fan lights

In 2005, Midea Electric, the largest home appliance company in China, entered the fan light camp and played the role of the boss at that time.

In 2008, Midea Company was commissioned by the relevant state ministries and commissioned to lead the drafting of the fan lamp industry standard, but it was not. As of today, China's huge fan lamp industry has not yet introduced relevant access systems and industry technical standards. The country stays in the quality inspection stage for the motor part and the lamp part, and there is no standard for the whole machine.

Size: Thousands of companies, eating 6 billion US dollars cake

According to industry forecasts: At present, the domestic and international fan lamp market has exceeded the market capacity of 6 billion US dollars per year. With the innovation of fan lamp technology, the production cost is further explored and the style is continuously extended. There will be 30%-50% growth space. An optimistic analysis of the next five to ten years will continue to be the golden age of the booming fan industry.


Fan lights can be used with different scenes

According to senior sources, as of mid-2017, it is conservatively estimated that more than 600 fan lamp manufacturers have survived. Some people think that it has already exceeded 1,000. About 30% of the estimated number of registered businesses.

Wang Yuqiang, the person in charge of the strong static fan light, provided the reporter with a set of figures: Among the more than 300 fan light manufacturers in the horizontal bar, only 100 registered in the formal business registration, and only 18 through the 3C certification. There are about 40 manufacturers with an annual shipment of 100,000 or more in Guzhen, and there are only a handful of monthly shipments of 50,000 or more. The factory with an annual shipment of 50,000 or less has become a major player in production and sales.

Structure: two-way showdown, equally divided

After more than ten years of promotion and development, today, the fan lamp industry has presented a format of a hundred flowers contending. The first-line brands such as Op, NVC, Sanxiong Aurora and Sunshine Lighting have strong financial strength, product strength, channel strength and brand strength to seize the market of fan lamps. The market prospect of fan lamps has been infinitely magnified.


Combination of lighting and fan

In particular, in 2010, the invisible fan lights suddenly sprung up, sales surged straight, and over the straight leaf fan head. In recent years, the implantation of negative ions, smart, and variable frequency technologies and the promotion of the wave have made the fan lamps extremely hot. The fan lamp has attracted the attention of the public with its unique decoration, cooling, energy saving, lighting and other functions, and has been sung all the way into thousands of households.

The sale of fan lights directly squeezed the market for dining chandeliers and room lights, and the halo wrapped around the halo was fortunate enough to avoid the stagnation of the season. Yuhao's Yang Zhiwei confirmed to reporters that the production and sales situation of Yuhao's fan light is exactly the same. The shipments in the off-peak season are basically flat and the seasonality is not strong.


Fan light with changeable light

Up to now, the fan light category has derived two major tributaries. One type is low-priced, which wins the market at a low price, and the quality is unsatisfactory; the first category is medium-to-high-end products, the quality is relatively guaranteed, the enterprise is scaled, and there is strong brand awareness and brand effect, such as Yongyi Yufeng, Yuhao, Fanwang and Qiangjing, Kebo Shi, Jiacheng, etc., or other first-line lighting brands. The market positioning of the two is clear, the former is mainly for the low-end market, and the latter is for the middle and high-end consumers.

The sales of low-end products account for more than 60% of the fan lamp market. The mid-to-high-end products are increasingly perfected through the product, the accumulation of channels and the brand's growing popularity, and the remaining 40% market share.