Feel The Customization Of Road Lighting Culture

- Aug 25, 2019-

The 4th China Lighting Design Conference was held. The conference adheres to the tenet of “Building an industry event of design, industry, design and life, design and brand integration”, and tailored it to the designers in the name of “light”. A feast of "the sharing of technical thinking and artistic thinking." During the conference, special scholars and experts from various fields were invited to give speeches. In my spare time, I reviewed the wonderful lectures of some experts. Today, what I share with you is the "Customization of Road Lighting Culture" by Prof. Li Daixiong from Sichuan.

The lecture first explained the meaning of road lighting culture customization. Road lighting culture customization, as the name suggests, refers to the collection of lighting facilities for urban specific roads, consciously collecting the core content and typical forms of local culture, using professional art design and processing techniques, through the overall appearance of road lights, Color matching and material selection give accurate expression and expression. Customized road lighting fixtures (including lamp holders, lamp arms and light poles), or a unique embodiment of a new local unique culture, unique and exclusive, so the cultural customization of road lighting can express the unique personality, value and Image.

The lecture mentioned: the customization of road culture is also very important to the meaning of the city. First of all, it expresses the value and image of the city by the difference of regional culture, and shapes and enhances the image of the city from the cultural level. Secondly, it can effectively improve the satisfaction of the public's psychological and emotional needs. When excavating and applying these cultures, the public can obtain and enhance cultural pride from the municipal facilities, and form and improve the sense of belonging to the city. Third, it also symbolizes the degree of development of urban civilization.

So how do we grasp the method of customizing urban road culture? Here are five principles for grasping the customization of road culture.

1. Practicality of road lighting facilities

No matter how we customize the road lighting culture, in the final analysis, we have to implement it into the lighting facilities. Therefore, as a basic municipal facility, it must have real, complete and obvious value, and it must conform to the concept of “green lighting” and “sustainable development”.

2, aesthetic

This is even more doubtful. Since it is a kind of "symbol" of the city, a harmonious shape and a beautiful form are naturally essential. Of course, aesthetics itself is influenced by customs and fashion trends.

3, spirituality

This principle requires culturally tailored luminaires to facilitate the public and the public to promote understanding, enlighten wisdom and provide insights. For example, the Qidanzuyuan Hebei Plain, the Qidan, is an ancient Chinese nomadic people. Considering the nomadic civilization and the historical elements of the Khitan, the "Golden Saddle" road lights were designed. Another example is the "Fengwu Jiutian" garden lamp, which is based on the cultural elements of the "Golden Phoenix" in the Jingning Dai culture. It is a successful road lighting culture product that is based on the full grasp of local cultural elements. The principle of "mentality".


4. Sociality

That is to say, culturally customized lamps should help the public to form cultural self-confidence, group identity and status awareness, and form a sense of pride and belonging to the city in which they live.

5. Coordination

That is to say, we must take into account the function and aesthetics of the lighting facilities. We should also use the concept of the system to grasp the overall coordination of the styling, color and volume of the lighting and the environment, that is, the custom lighting should be related to the nature of the environment, the road structure and the street tree. Integration of factors such as status, surrounding building volume and lighting status.

The lecture "Customization of Road Lighting Culture" emphasizes that we must fully grasp and be good at applying regional cultural elements to urban lighting, reflecting the humanistic value in lighting design, providing us with an idea for the use of culture in urban night lighting. It also raises awareness, and this is worth learning from insiders.

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