Germany Odendorf For All Its Ships Modified LED Lighting, Energy Efficiency Increased By 80%

- Jun 08, 2019-

German owner and operator Oldendorff is retrofitting all its ships with LED lights that will increase energy efficiency by 80%, foreign media reported.


Oldendorff has carried out a series of tests on four ships and concluded that switching to LED lighting was the right choice, with a significant increase in energy efficiency, and has now installed LED lights on six ships.


According to the test results, LED lights are 80% more energy efficient than traditional lighting, which can not only reduce the number of lights, but also have a service life nearly five times longer."Using leds will reduce the need for electricity, thereby reducing emissions per ship."Oldendorff says the LED lights also reduce the amount of work crews have to do to replace lamps because they last longer and are less likely to break.


The company plans to install LED lights during docking, or on future voyages.


Refit LED lamp can not only improve energy efficiency, according to experts, LED color temperature can be selected in the range of 2000K to 9000K, the selectiveness and color richness are better than traditional lamps, if used properly, the crew can get a better lighting environment.Crew members can be in a comfortable lighting environment for a long time, which can also reduce depression, tension and other negative psychology.