High Pressure Sodium Lamps Light Yellow Why?

- Feb 09, 2018-

High Pressure Sodium Lamps light yellow why?

High pressure sodium lamp working substance is sodium, sodium in the excitation discharge, the radiation lines are mainly concentrated in the sodium atomic 589nm and 589.6nm characteristic spectrum near the spectrum of this wavelength is the visible light yellow band, so the light Yellow.


High pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are high degree of gas discharge lamp, can use the same ballast to point?

High pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are high-intensity gas discharge lamp, but because of their different working substance, luminous efficiency is also different, in the design of light source, the same high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp power, the current and voltage design is different , Therefore, metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium lamp ballast should not be mixed. Some users mixed with metal halide and high pressure sodium lamp array, although it can light, but will shorten the life of the bulb, or cause the ballast temperature is too high and damage to electrical appliances, TCL lighting provides the terms metal halide lamp and High-pressure sodium lamp ballast. Support to choose matching electrical appliances.